This comic is no joke

Okay, cheesy headline aside -- I'm for reals, you guys. I'm starting a comic based on the funny things my kids say. In a nutshell, it's an autobiographical comic that details my true adventures homeschooling three precocious and slightly profane children. Every strip is based on real things they've said or done (because if I didn’t laugh about it, I’d have to cry).

For example, this little puppy above. It was a sunny, slow-moving kind of day and we were at Harmons. Like your average millennial mom, I was browsing Facebook while waiting for the bakery to pack up my chicken dinner. The kids were running amok around me (I did rein them in here and there, albeit halfheartedly). After I got my food, I gathered up the kids and started to roll my cart away when an older gentleman passed by, pausing long enough to say the line in panel 2.

I beamed after him, calling out a merry "Thank you!" with a fluttering wave like I was Snow White in jeans. My heart swelled because, good heavens! My mom skills were so legit that passing strangers were compelled to comment on them!

Then Griff comes up and pops my pride balloon with one pointed remark. To this day, we continue to argue over whether the guy was being sincere or not. In my opinion, why would he have said anything if he didn't mean it? But as Griff points out, they weren't exactly acting like angel children in the moments before.

This will have to remain one of the great mysteries of the universe. But what do you guys think? Would an old man make a comment like that in sarcasm? Has a stranger ever made a drive-by remark on your parenting?


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