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How My Failures as a Mother Inspired My Comic

I wrote a guest blog for the Really Real Housewives. Here it is, republished in it's entirety:
I’m here to talk about how I have fun despite the trials of being a mom. There’s two things you should know about me before I get started:
1. I’m a yellow personality. I thrive on fun and excitement. If I don’t have something to look forward to, I fall into a bit of a depression. So I chase “fun” like it’s my job and sometimes that means I do too much and go too hard.
2. My third child, Hazel, broke me. My two older ones were pretty easy babies (I realize now). They were cheerful and didn’t mind my nonstop, chase-every-moment lifestyle. They were also well-behaved enough that I could feel relatively secure in my mom skills. But then Hazel came along. Every opinion I had about myself as a mother; every plan I made; every hope and dream I held for the future – she shat on all of that. Firmly and intentionally, while maintaining eye-contact.
Once Hazel came along, I realized that I wasn’t in ch…

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